Hello Mr. Behal
thanks for your mail. Yes i now Raj Sharma. Two years ago, my youngest son for a year in Odisha where he worked for an NGO. During this time, my wife, my daughter and I visited our son and made ​​a round trip with him.. This trip we booked by Raj Sharma and hi prepare them there. Maybe you understand that for us Europeans India is still an adventure. Therefore I have been looking for a reliable and responsible operator. Raj Sharma has met all these requirements. All appointments were strictly adhered to. Driver and guide were excellent. The car was clean and safe and the driver has never taken a risk and was very very friendly. We were well looked after and never had the feeling of insecurity. All financial transactions are controlled reliably and safely.
I can in good conscience recommend Raj Sharma and I wish you a good journey.

With our best wishes
Klaus Eiben


Dear Anil Behal, Thanks for your message. I'm sure your wife and your child will be well being taken care of by Mr. Raj Sharma and his crew at Garhwal Himalayan Expedition. Though, we haven't had the opportunity (yet) to visit Nepal, Mr. Raj and his assistant Miss Bhawna, have ben very efficient and helpful in organizing two 3-week private tours for my wife and I through most parts of Rajasthan. The hotels recommended by Mr. Raj Sharma fully met or exceeded our expectations. Likewise Mr. Virender Singh was not only a skilled, reliable and careful driver but he has been an excellent tour-guide who was always taking good care of us in all situations. In summary, I can highly recommend the services of Mr. Raj Sharma and the people who are working for him. If we elect to return to India or travel to Nepal one of these days, we will make use of the services provided by Mr. Sharma without any hesitations.

Kind regards and we wish your wife and your child a wonderful trip to Nepal.

Urs Schmid
Geneva, Switzerland