Dear Devotees / Friend,

Vedic literatures inform us that visiting the Holy places where the Supreme Lord performs his divine pastimes, fetches us an enormous spiritual benefits .As the places, which are so called Dham(Abode of the Lord),are spiritually very potent on the account of the Supreme Lord residing there personally ,any spiritual activity like Japa(chanting) ,Daan(Charity),Annadana(food charity) ,Sacrifices,Pujas etc. yelids multifold results in our life.
As per our telephonic discursion "Hare Krishna Sridham Yatra " is very glad to inform you that this summer and winter yet again a spiritual tour is being organized to the most auspicious Char Dhams(Badrinath,Kedarnath,Yamunatori&Gangotri),Kailsah -Manasarovar,Shri Matha Vaishno Devi,Valley of Flowers. This is a tradition that we have been doing for the past 29years.The yatra will be held in the months of April May, June, July, September, October. This will be definitely a very memorable spiritual tour for our valuable yatrees (devotees) who is coming from the different part of the world we will like to make proper arrangements in which we will visit many places of spiritual importance. In order to make the devotees travel these spiritual dhams easily we are organizing helicopter services across these chardhams so that the devotees can have ease of access of their Lordships Shri Badrinath Ji, Shri Kedarnath Ji, Sri Ganga Ji,Sri Yamuna Ji ,Matha Vaishno devi, Kailash Mansarovar , Amarnath Yatra in just hours of time. With the availability of such services the pilgrims can avail such facility to satisfy and purify their hearts easily. As your organization is already is practice of organizing such yatra's we are pleased to inform you that we shall we immensely happy to share our services with you. We will be happy to provide the pilgrims of your tour with this beneficiary service. We, Hare Krishna Sri Dham Yatra, organize a program throughout the country which the rural school children are being given an opportunity to visit many historical places. As you know still 70% of India stays in villages. And, there is a great need to create awareness of our own glorious Vedic culture & spread its teachings among our future citizens.
Hare Krishna Sridham Yatra has been providing free food, uniform, books, notebooks, school bags, umbrella, other paraphernalia and medical help & camp to thousands of needy rural school children. This yatra profits goes for the rural children also very shortly the Bhandara for Char dham Yatra.
We request magnanimous souls like your good self to sponsor to help the noble cause. Help Children Help India!!!
So thank you very much so please send us your respected devotees booking so we can care up them very nicely with proper arrangements.
Kindly visit our website www.corbettnationalpark.com/ and give us your valuable suggestion so we can make more improvement for the Lords Devotees.

Yours sincerely